HILLING MOTHERFUCKING CARE (innovaqueen) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Inescapable [Active/Open]

Characters: Hilling, open
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 13
Summary: Even after a few hours, Hilling won't move from the Entrance Hall. She's waiting, waiting, waiting, and will continue to wait until she gets bored.
Warnings: Not a lot??

Step, step, step, stop. Step, step, step, stop. Step, step, step, stop.

Hilling's just kind of pacing around the Entrance Hall, as if the click, click of each step is the only thing keeping her from throwing a shitfit. Her arrival had been a bit of a culture shock, but it wasn't anything too serious. What worried her the most were -- of course -- Ribbons and Revive. She didn't worry for their safety (she doesn't really care about that), but she worries what will happen if she ever returns. She wonders what snide remarks await her for abandoning them on the battlefield. What stabs will be made at her wounded pride. Wonders how long she'll be the butt of all jokes.

Step, step, step, stop.

She holds her head, sighs, and looks around for the hundredth time. Still, nothing changes. No Ribbons, no Revive.

She groans, hears her own echo being thrown back in her face, then dramatically sits down the the cold floor. She's facing the front door, just... staring.

All she can do now is wait. What's an underling without orders, anyway?
Tags: !day 013, *acedia, hilling care (gundam 00), kei amakura (fatal frame)
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