Mew (rose_tint_ed) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

the very worst part of you [active / closed]

Characters: Mewtwo, Mew, Shilo, Misty
Setting: The Crystal Dining Room
Time: Night 012
Summary: Some young ladies try to stop Mewtwo from his killing spree through the house. It goes about as well as expected until a certain original enters the scene.
Warnings: Mewtwo being on a crazed killing spree?

It was bad. It was really, really bad, and Mew had to do something but she wasn't sure what. If it came to fighting him to stop him, she would. But she went searching for Shilo first-- another person who he was familiar with. Familiar faces could help people snap out of things like that, right? Blind, deadly rages that shattered the bodies of those he'd so much as passed. Mew moved faster.

He's going to destroy everyone in the house if we don't...

[Shilo! Shilo, are you there?] She wasn't sure where to find her, so she projected her "voice" all around, to any minds that would listen. [I need your help!]

Tags: !incomplete, !night 012, *acedia, mew (pokémon), mewtwo (pokémon), misty (pokémon), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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