Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Tiptoe Through The Tulips [Active/Open]

Characters: Rayne, Namine
Setting: Greenhouse
Time: Day 002
Summary: Rayne wanders into the greenhouse, to test out an experiment that hopefully won't go wrong, and finds Namine looking for inspiration.
Warnings: Rayne exists. Namine is cute.

Energy still pumping through her veins, thanks to recent feedings, and... other activities, causing her to be far too wired to sleep, the redhead had no clue what she was going to do now. there was no way she could freely walk around, not as exposed as she was or with as much light as there was. The only thing she had in mind to do at the moment, was take Zetsu's suggestion from earlier that morning. She had hurried to the storage room, most likely leaving a mess along the shelves as she searched for her certain items, and not caring.

Heavy velvet fabric draped over one arm, along with a medium sized sewing kit, she hadn't bothered looking for paper or something to draw on, instead borrowing a corner of one of the canvases. Doing a quick sketch of the design she had in mind, the dhampir only had to stare at it a moment before it was memorized. Pushing the artistic utensils back into a corner as she stood, it was then that the scrap of paper with writing on it caught her eye. Reaching out to take it, she didn't bother reading it, and figured that whatever it was, it couldn't be that important if it was in here. For the moment, it was put into the top of her dress for safe keeping.

Hurrying back to hers and Namine's room, Rayne had spent the next hour or so cutting and sewing, cursing rather fluently in more than one language at points. However, her latest project was eventually finished, the half vampire adjusting her weapons and supply of miscellaneous items to fit the cut of the new garment. Gloved hands reaching up to pull the hood over her head before she stepped out of the room, Rayne did feel a slight uneasiness as she stepped out into the hall, heading for the stairs, the floor length cloak brushing the ground as she walked. It had been a long time since she had last dared try and travel in daylight, and time hadn't let her forget the burns that would have been more pleasurable if they had been caused by acid, and the horrid length of time it had taken to heal.

However, the more windows she passed, and the more her new cloak held up, the more her confidence returned. Soon, she was only ducking her head as she passed a window, though she paused all together as she neared the entrance to the Grand Room, eyes riveted on the new additions that led outside. A greenhouse? Did she dare? Well, there was only one way to find out exactly how well this piece of clothing would hold up... Sink or swim, shaded or ablaze. Heading for the door outside with steps that seemed a bit too fast, the door was yanked open as Rayne's head ducked, stepping out into the sunlight. Her heart hammering in her chest as she felt the heat through the fabric of the cloak, her hands shaking where her arms were crossed under the voluminous fabric, it took her moment to realize that nothing was burning, and nothing was in pain. It had worked.

She would have to remember to give Zetsu some form of thanks the next time she saw him.
Tags: !day 002, edward elric (fullmetal alchemist), naminé (kingdom hearts), rayne (bloodrayne)
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