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Characters: Nina Tucker, Anyone else
Setting: Entryway
Time: Day 13, early on, the water is about ankle deep for her
Summary: Nina arrives in the house and is pretty sure this is the best game EVER.
Warnings: Nina is cute?

Nina remembered holding her Daddy's hand, and holding Alexander's collar and walking down to the basement.

She remembered tripping, and maybe sneezing, she wasn't sure about the sneezing, but now Daddy and Alexander were gone and she was alone in a scary place and her shoes were all wet.

"Daddy? Alexander?" She looked around. Nope, this didn't look like daddy's basement at all.

Did daddy send her somewhere on accident? She didn't think she had been here before, and she knew most of the places Daddy or Ed and Al took her.

Could daddy send someone somewhere on accident? She bet big brother could....'cause sometimes he thought about things and things happened. But she hadn't been holding big brother's hand, she'd been holding Daddy's. Big brother was still learning, but Daddy knew everything. So daddy shouldn't have sent her somewhere else, right?

Maybe big brother and bigger brother were here...? She chewed on her lip, looking at the water. Maybe they wanted to play in the water too?

Daddy said when you got lost, you should stay in one place and wait for him to come find you. But the water looked pretty fun, and maybe Daddy had made the water for her to play in? She'd tried to convince him to do that once, because it was snowy outside and she wanted to go swimming. But Daddy had said that it would make a big maybe he sent here somewhere else where the mess wouldn't matter? Maybe it was like a present? If she was playing in the water, she wasn't exactly leaving...she was sorta staying in one spot.....

"Alexander...? Daddy.....? Where did you go...? Are you lost? Am I supposed to come find you now...cause you're lost?"

Maybe it was a new game, Nina liked games. Maybe it was like hide and go seek, and Daddy and Alexander were hiding somewhere and Nina had to find them. And after Nina found them, they'd all play in the water together.

She smiled, kicking at the water. It make a huge splashing sound and sent ripples spreading towards the walls. Nina giggled, this had to be the best game ever. Maybe she'd take awhile to find daddy, so he couldn't get upset because she was all wet!

She chewed on her lip, considering this with all the focus she could muster....

Well, if daddy got mad she could say she fell down, like she did when she was puddle jumping....

She thought about it for a moment, watching the water. It would be a shame to waste would be like not making snowmen in the snow...she couldn't do that.... She took a deep breath, looking around to make sure her daddy hadn't found her, then jumped as high as she could and landed back in the water.

The resulting splash wave/combo made her giggle. She was soaked completely, which of course was the entire intent of the jump.

Any thoughts she might have had for finding her daddy were lost in the FUN the water provided.
Tags: !day 013, !incomplete, *acedia, edward elric (fullmetal alchemist), fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), nash tringham (fullmetal alchemist), nina tucker (fullmetal alchemist)
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