Lamiroir (la_siren) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

could we all be dreaming [Active/Open]

Characters: Lamiroir, Open
Setting: Entrance
Time: Day 13, somewhat early on
Summary: Lamiroir arrives and has a bit of confusion as to where she is.
Warnings: Uh. Blind woman might touch your face?

She had only tripped, but something changed in that moment. Something was off.

Not to mention very wet.

She fell when she tripped, and fell into a few inches of cold water. She gasped at the shock of it and pulled her hands back reflexively, not that it did much good. She was crouched in it. For a few seconds she didn't move at all, them slowly lowered her hands back into the water and ran them across the surface beneath. It felt... wrong. Cool, smooth, hard... polished stone of some kind perhaps, not the carpeted floor she'd been walking on a moment ago. But this wasn't possible.

Confusion growing, she stood, and immediately felt a dizzying sense of displacement. This... was a large open space, not a narrow hallway like she'd been walking down a moment ago. And there was no one in it but her. For a minute she simply stood, trying to orient herself and figure out what had just happened.


The sound of her voice in that open space confirmed that it was most definitely larger and most likely comprised of completely different materials than where she'd just been, and the water added a particular echo to it. The floor had been too smooth to be concrete, and the smooth polish of it suggested something like granite or marble, something rich... unless that was just the water covering it that made it feel smoother. Moving forward, carefully, she waded a few steps. The water reached above her ankles, and the front of her dress was soaked and fairly heavy for it. She stopped when she felt that there was something in front of her... a wall of the room? She reached out to touch it, and her hands met wood. A door? Yes, a door; she found the handle easily enough. But trying to open it proved futile; it was locked tight.

She felt further along the door, finding it to be rather large and set in a wall of the same polished stone the floor was made of, her earlier assessment proving more likely now that she could feel it without the water. Everything had an elegant feel to it so far, but the water... none of it made sense. Where was she?

Tags: !day 013, !incomplete, *acedia, lamiroir/thalassa gramarye(ace attorney), zion lidde (crimson shell)
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