an_valerious (an_valerious) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

I Will Let You Down [Active/Open]

Characters: Anna, Open
Setting: Observatory
Time: Day 13
Summary: Anna sits and meets new people?
Warnings: *shrugs* None so far.

Anna sank into one of the plush armchairs that sat in the spacious room with a sigh. The lower level was busy flooding and she really didn't feel like dealing with water. So, Anna had climbed the stairs and found a public room where she wouldn't intrude. With nothing to do besides massage her aching feet, Anna thought back to all the people she had met.

Sekai: So kind and welcoming. Anna hoped the girl was okay.

Nathan: The man who was never comfortable around her. She hadn't seen him since the night the house disappeared. Anna wondered what happened to him and hoped that he got out.

Shilo: Such a nice girl, but Anna had only met her in passing.

Cherry, Axl, J, Marcus: All four were strong. She wished that she could see them again and was sure she would eventually.

That strange masked man: Anna didn't know what to think about him. Part of her wanted to see him again, the other part just wished that he had left.

Anna tugged off her boots and dropped them with a thunk beside the chair and reached up and undid her corset which landed beside her discarded shoes. Finally able to take a deep breath, Anna let herself slump into a pile of embroidered cotton and looked at the ceiling. In some ways, this place was better than Romania, and in some ways it was hell.

Maybe if she focused on the good things, the bad things wouldn't seem so bad. Maybe she could forget a little, and just move forward. Maybe.
Tags: !day 013, *acedia, anna valerious (van helsing), chitose tachibana (fatal frame)
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