Rue Ryuzaki [Beyond Birthday] (cruciverbal) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Rue Ryuzaki [Beyond Birthday]

i am just a man still learning how to fall [Active, OPEN]

Characters: B [cruciverbal], OPEN
Setting: Ground floor; Entrance Room
Time: Day 13
Summary: B makes his arrival ... with a splash.
Warnings: Derrrrp.

A loud, sudden splash sounded inside the Entrance Room, and a few seconds later, a pale, thin man with scraggly black hair emerged from the floodwater inside the room. The scent of gasoline hovered around him, thick and sickly-sweet, and while his face remained composed as he took in his new surroundings, what lay underneath that facade was anything but.

This isn't right.
Tags: !day 013, !incomplete, *acedia, beyond birthday (death note), emil castagnier (tales of symphonia)
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