Suigin-goddamn-tou (junk_in_a_trunk) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Black-eyed angels swam with me [Active, Open]

Characters: Suigintou, Anyone (Maybe even you!)
Setting: Acedia; Second Floor. The Rose Hallway
Time: Day 13
Summary: Suigintou works out some issues on a bunch of ceramics. Maybe some people come across her.
Warnings: Maybe you don't like creepy dolls?

How long had it been since she'd lost to Shinku? Suigintou could only wonder, she'd never tried to keep track of time in the house. Instead, she slept for what felt like weeks to wake up with it seemingly the same day as the last.

The doll had spent what felt like an eternity shifting between crying and raging in her room all while searching ever mirror in the house for Shinku. However, she was unable to find so much as a trace of the sister she had killed and then was killed by.

Shinku was certainly still out there. Shinku had to be, even though she couldn't be.

Over time, her confused and conflicted emotions blurred and congealed into a strange lethargy. Maybe she didn't care anymore or maybe she just grown too frustrated and given up on finding Shinku for now.

At that time, for reasons she herself didn't even fully understand, Suigintou did something she hadn't in quite some time; she left her room through the front door, turned right into the rose filled hallway and started knocking over vases like she used to before Shinku had ever found her way to this wretched mansion.
Tags: !day 013, *acedia, kefka palazzo (final fantasy vi), suigintou (rozen maiden)
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