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Second verse, same as the first!

Characters: Nataku, anyone who comes across him!
Setting: Acedia; Rose Hallway
Time: Day 13
Summary: The War Prince returns.... and needs some medical attention. orz.
Warnings: Blood, mentions of past attempts at suicide, whatever else comes up.

Where was he?

The first thing that registered in his mind after asking that question was a sharp pain in his shoulder. A small hiss escaped him as his hands instinctively went to the joint. What had happened? How had he gotten this injury? The last thing he remembered he was in a meeting with his father and the Jade Emperor. They were discussing matters of state while Nataku contemplated trying to draw whiskers on the Emperor's face (for the fourth time) when that boy--that unique and irreplaceable boy--had shown up.

Oh... right... his father had ordered him to kill the boy--Goku--and he'd decided to disable himself instead. After all, he could be replaced. Unlike him, the boy--Goku--couldn't be replaced by anyone for anything. He had others who cared about him. He was what Nataku always dreamed he could be. He couldn't let something so precious die!

The shock and denial in those eyes when he was asked if Nataku would be ordered to kill him and then if he'd actually do it had broken Nataku's heart. Then his father had given the order. What happened after that was a numb blur. All the War Prince could clearly remember was that he had been ready to do it when he'd told him his name--an actual name!--and pulled him back to himself.

And Nataku had chosen to end it the only way he knew how.

So where was he now? His arm was hanging uselessly by his side as he stood and glanced about the dank room he was in. He wasn't bandaged - he would have been if he was still in his father's care. If his father was still alive, that was (and for a moment his heart stopped at the thought, his gut twisting in guilt and anger at quite possibly being the very cause of his father's death). Was this his punishment for what he'd done? For defying his orders? For making a friend?

Where was he?

"H-hello?" he called, taking a step forward. If this was his punishment then he was going to face it on his own two feet, but.... why was he in such a strange room with such a strong smell of roses?
Tags: !day 013, !incomplete, *acedia, *moving around, miku hinasaki (fatal frame), war prince nataku (saiyuki)
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