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Amakura Kei (天倉螢 )

From the moment I wake [Complete, Closed]

Characters: Kei Amakura
Setting: Fairy Bedroom
Time: Day 13
Summary: The Tattoo Curse coupled with the last experiment he went through has finally taken it's toll on Kei. All he wanted to do was sleep...
Warnings: Tense changes because the mun sucks at writing and typical fail fare. Also you're typical Fatal Frame angst times three. fml

He'd lost track of time ages ago; arriving in Acedia hadn't helped him with that problem at all. If nothing else, it felt as if arriving here had simply complicated everything even more. And all of this had started at the time Misao disappeared.

How had an almost hysterical phone call from his sister evolved into this?

He fumbled way back to the room he shared with Mio - Zetsu had disappeared a while ago in a manner that reminded Kei too much of what had happened back home - he carefully sat down on the bed, relieved at the momentary recovery of the sense of pressure. Kei sighed before letting himself relax and his thoughts drift back to memories.

They had grown up with the legend of the Lost Village and, like most boys his age, he hadn't paid too much attention to the old wives' tales. Not until Shizu met Misao anyway. Then the talk of spirits and those who were spirited away quickly became harder and harder to ignore. Especially with that first phone call... With Shizu panicking, worried about Misao, who - like many Asous before and after him - had gotten involuntarily involved with the spirit world. Kei remembered hearing his sister tell her daughters to stay away from the forest without much success.

She had told him to keep them away from the Minakami Region when the twins had been placed in his care... He hadn't listened.

He should have listened.

Kei hadn't noticed his sense of touch had faded away until he tried to press his palm to his temple and felt nothing. He should have laid down while he could still feel something or than the familiar pain of the Holly.

A couple hours sleep would be enough. Could he even tell how much time passes when he sleeps anymore? He could continue looking for information later.
Tags: !complete, !day 013, *acedia, kei amakura (fatal frame)
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