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Kaoru Hitachiin

RUN. RUN AWAY. [Cosed/Active]

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Kaoru Hitachiin
Setting: They're moving. Well, running. Or..Kaoru is running. WHATEVER. IT'S A LOT OF PLACES, OK?
Time: Night 012, a bit after the Lanterkeeper leaves.
Summary: Kaoru angsts. Kaoru gets chased. Watanuki comes to say hi and tell Kaoru some bad, bad news. ...Kaoru angst moar. Forever.
Warnings: Emo...? Epic chase scenes...? IDK. Nothing you guys can't handle, I'm sure. :|b

Hikaru was gone. It was impossible for him to deny it. He could hope and wish, he could stop sleeping and search every inch of the house until his legs gave out hoping that maybe, just maybe, his twin was behind the next door, but none of that would bring his brother back.

Looking was useless, hoping was pointless, and Kaoru learned a long time ago that it was stupid to wish for anything.

Then again he'd never had to wish for anything. Kaoru had everything he wanted and more. He had everything. He had someone who would never leave him. Someone who would always love him and understand him. Someone to protect and watch over. Someone who knew him. Someone who didn't have to guess to figure out who he was. Someone who saw him as he was and nothing more.

He had that once. He had a brother. He had a twin.

Kaoru always knew that there would come a day when they wouldn't be together. A day when they would grow up and find that it was possible for them to still share their bond, to still have each other and lead separate lives. He never expected, never wanted, that day to come so soon. And really it wasn't even that. Hikaru was just...gone. Lost.

He refused to say that he was dead even though he knew deep down that there was no way he could still be alive. Everyone else that was taken that day had come back, but Hikaru never did.

What happened to him in that place? What did they do to him? Why Hikaru?

The boy hadn't returned to his room in weeks. The room he used to share with both Haruhi and Hikaru. Haruhi was gone before his brother. The others were too, but that was ok. He could deal with it because he still had Hikaru. He still had his brother, his twin, his other half. The thought of being in there now made his stomach writhe. Laying there knowing his brother should have been next to him, seeing reminders in every inch of that room.

He hated that room. He hated it before, but only because of where it was. Only because he was stuck here in this house. But it was a place to sleep and it was safe most of the time. Now it went far beyond hate.

Still...he had to go back. He had to see. He had to accept what was happening.

He had heard the voice of the Lanternkeeper awhile ago and he had taken a moment to peek in the room and watch for a little bit, but when Mio showed up he knew he couldn't stay. He knew that if there was ever a time to go back to that room, it was now. Now when there was no one else around. Now when everyone was occupied. Now when they couldn't see him breaking.

The room wasn't where it used to be. It moved, everything moved, when the house came back. But it wasn't hard to find. His hand grabbed the doorknob and he turned it, a sense of dread and trepidation clawing at his mind.

It was exactly how he remembered it. It was everything he expected it to be and simultaneously his heart broke and stopped.

There was something else in here. Something else was in the room and it was screaming.

His eyes widened, his breath hitched in his chest and he could have sworn that his fear was as real and tangible as the door he ran back out of and closed behind him.

Something else was there.

Kaoru screamed and he ran like hell.

Tags: !night 012, *acedia, *moving around, kaoru hitachiin (ouran high host club), kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic)
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