Ken Amada (vengeanceshota) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Ken Amada

Watch Me [Open/Active]

Characters: Ken Amada, open
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: N-night 13 I think maybe?
Summary: ORANGE SHORT THING ENTERS THE HOUSE and hates everything ever for putting him in ANOTHER bad situation.
Warnings: ... idk?

He was slipping. Ken Amada was slipping on the stairs of this new dorm. It took a moment to sink in before it really surprised him—Ken wasn't the type to fall without being pushed. After all his solo training and all the nights he and SEES had spent in Tartarus, he thought he was more skilled than that. He threw out his hands, reaching for the banister, the wall—something—but it was too late, and he went crashing to the ground, hard on his back.

“O-ow,” his voice sounded harsher than he thought it would after just a fall. But when he opened his eyes and looked around—something definitely wasn't right. He wondered, for a moment, if this was something like there again. Like Tartarus or the Abyss of time.

The thought chilled him, and using one hand to prop himself up, his other hand shot to his evoker at his waist—he always carried it with him, ever since the start of that “day” back in the dorms. That “day” when Metis had—

Well, it was no good to think about it now. All it would do would stress him out. He stood, evoker in a half-shaking hand and braced himself, letting out a grumble of displeasure. He thought for half a second about whether or not this was a good idea before calling out, “Where am I? What's going on?”
Tags: !incomplete, !night 013, *acedia, ken amada (persona 3), nina tucker (fullmetal alchemist)
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