Portgas D. Ace (sleepy_fire) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Portgas D. Ace

It's getting hot in here (Simi-Closed/Active)

Characters: Ace
Setting: Silver Bathroom
Time: Night 13, just after nightfall
Summary: Ace takes a shower, and contemplates life.
Warnings: Ace is showering, inadvertent free show due to the doors not shutting. Possible cursing. Burnyman.

Ace was tired. Ace was beyond tired, and considering he had spent the 'day' either napping or eating, or sitting next to Yukimi in the hallway the other had just...stopped in, that was saying something.

He stared the the ash in the drain, really, when had he let himself get this gross? There was actually a visible layer of yuck in the tub. It really was disgusting. The part of him that remembered to be vain wondered what the others wondering around this hell house must have seen...some sort of ash cloaked Zombie? Marco would never have let him live it down. He leaned his head against the tub, sighing softly. Well Marco wasn't here, and he was having a bad...everything at the moment. First Blackbeard, then Impel Down, then tripping and ending up here on the way to being executed....he thought this would be a good change....maybe a chance to do something.

Boy was he wrong, he was just a failure.....

Oh God, Fletcher. His fists clenched briefly against the tiles, eyes closing tightly against the grief that rose up to take the place of the anger he had clung to while the night was going on. Or the worry and fear he had felt when Yukimi and others around him had just...stopped. For no reason, for no cause he could see. They just stopped.

But awake now, they were awake...it was safe enough to move and shower, and get the remains of the zombies out of his hair. They could all take care of themselves, he didn't need to watch them. He'd only get them killed or hurt....like Fletcher....And he should really get the zombie remains out of his hair. It was beginning to smell just a little bit....faint dusty smell, with a hint of burned meat. He was honestly getting tired of it.

He halfheartedly lifted a hand to his face, scrubbing at the ash embedded in his skin. He felt gritty and gross, even with the amount of ash now coating the tub. There wasn't enough soap in the world to deal with this stuff, maybe he should just burn it away...perhaps that would work better. The flame seemed to like the ash stuck to him, even in flesh form. It was why he was dealing with the water in the first place. Even attempts at burning away the ash had just seemed to work it deeper into his skin. He stared at his hand against the tile, it was pale from a combination of lack of sun and zombie dust...at this rate he'd look like one of the ghosts before very long. He gave another sigh, leaning against the tile and just letting the water pound against him.

He still felt gross. He just wanted to feel clean again.

Even if just on the outside, for just a little bit.

Was that too much to ask?

Tags: !complete, !night 013, #ghosts, *acedia, portgas d. ace (one piece)
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