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out on your own [active/open]

Characters: 9, anyone in the area?
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night 13
Summary: 9 enters the house, and feelings that he'd only just overcome in his own world resurface with a nasty vengeance.
Warnings: Spoilers for the feature film version and stitchpunk angst? lolidk

A world of decay and unending miles of nothing but ruin... that was what he'd expected when the world came into focus again. But that wasn't what he saw.

9 pushed himself up off of the floor, looking up as his lenses set back into focus-- and then he blinked, shaking his head. There's no way it could be real, the place that he saw around him. It was old, well built, and, the most baffling of all, undamaged. Untouched by even the apocalypse. He could hear the sounds of construction going on even then; it wasn't only the house that was untouched. There were living things there, as well.

He picked himself up, staring around at the large, empty hall, at the roses in the vases above him and at the marble-- it couldn't be real. Drifting orbs of light confirmed it-- it had to be a dream. And then, all at once, he remembered where he should be, memories rushing back, making his head spin. The winged beast. Watching the church, their safe place and their prison, burn in the distance. And then... what happened next?

He'd slipped. That's what had happened. He'd slipped, and then... and then he'd awoken there.

He stared at the enormous hallway with a creeping horror beginning to overtake his awe. This place couldn't possibly be anywhere near the place where he'd awoken the first time-- the first room. He was very, very lost, and very alone. It was a familiar feeling. Too familiar.

He wandered to one end of the hall, looking out. Staring into the noisy dark of the house, nearly forgetting his voice. He hadn't felt so overwhelmingly small since his awakening-- waking to a vast, dead world, a sea of ruins and corpses, and something in the air of that place made him feel as if it would be no better. Something was wrong with that place.
Tags: !night 013, *acedia, 9 (9), kei amakura (fatal frame)
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