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Sonic the Hedgehog

Better conquer fear and draw [Active/Open]

Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog
Setting: Rose Hallway and everywhere in the house ever
Time: Night 13
Summary: In an attempt to escape Amy's wrath when he returned from the story of King Arthur, Sonic inadvertently finds himself tripping and ending up in yet another world
Warnings: Unintentional trolling. D| Sonic doesn't mean it, really!

Last time he checked, he was running away from Amy for 'accidentally' forgetting about the date that he had promised her while he was running around putting the world sized jigsaw puzzle back together. No matter how he explained it to her, she wouldn't believe him at all. Honestly! If he had known he would have been pulled into another storybook world just before their date, he would have rescheduled. Despite how he complained to Tails about Amy's over the top attitude towards him and love (right down to her treatment of Emerl, which was hands down the scariest thing he ever had to go through) he never meant to make her feel bad. So there he was, running away from Amy like his life depended on it.

Which it did. Sonic could take being punched by Knuckles and Shadow (or Gawain and Lancelot recently), but facing Amy's wrath and hammer? Not happening.

What tipped him off to something going horribly wrong was the fact that he suddenly felt himself tripping and falling down - which was something that did not happen when he was going at the speed he was.

The penny dropped when he suddenly realized that the massive quantity of pink in his vision wasn't the usual pink he was accustomed to. Quickly recovering his footing, Sonic started to properly take in his surroundings... Marble, carpets, funky will-o-wisps (and the thought of "If I kick them, will they react the way they did in Camelot?" shot through his spiky head) and the fragrant scent of roses. To him, it felt very much like it could be Amy's aparment but for the marble walls.

Heck, he'd even seen those roses sitting in her bedroom from time to time, what with it being her last name and well... Them being roses. It's a girl thing, right?

But said Rose was nowhere in sight (and he certainly wouldn't have been able to smell anything else with the rose incense) and those blasted glow-y things were distracting. Not nearly as much growling noises, and now that Sonic thought about it, hadn't the will-o-wisps back in Camelot always been around underworld monster too? Even Dark Gaia used the same tactic, with glow-y things being surrounded by enemies...

"... Oh no they didn't."

Those words were barely out of his mouth before he took off down the hall and towards what was the West Hallway. Suffice to say, he probably won't be going very far before he notices the water and it's occupants making it's way up to the second floor...
Tags: !night 013, *acedia, 9 (9), sonic the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)
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