Lithuania (toris_lietuvos) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

[Strange New World, Active, Open (just give us a bit of time maybe? :3 )]

Characters: Lithuania and Poland, anyone else who wanders by
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night 13
Summary: Two new arrivals don't know what to make of this place.
Warnings: probably none ...

Very few things could actually surprise Lithuania. One does not live for close to a thousand years and not become rather accustomed to the strange and unexpected. Especially when you live near Poland, who takes the words ‘strange and unexpected’ to new levels. But this ... this was certainly surprising.

He’d only slipped. At least, he thought he had. He’d recently returned to his own house and it had needed cleaning. He’d missed this place ... it was his true home, but honestly he’d never spent much time there. Not since the Commonwealth. And then Russian rule. Even during the small amount of time when he’d been his own country, he hadn’t stayed here long. He had begged England for advice about what he could do to fix his weakened economy and support his starving people. And England had pointed him to America. So that’s where he’d gone, taking up the roll of maid and cook yet again. Only to find himself snatched back to Russia’s house.

But that was all over and done with now. At long last. And thanks to Poland he was strong enough to deal with things on his own again. His new boss was doing a good job, he’d seen to that already. So now came the long chore of clearing away years of dust and grime. Then he would start working in the fields again and plant a new crop of rye. Well, that had been the plan.
The bucket of water was heavy, and the freshly mopped floor was wet. It was no surprise that he’d slipped. What did surprise him was that the fall seemed to take longer than it should and that he had not landed on a wet floor. No, this floor was completely dry. And certainly not his own.

He sprang to his feet, looking around frantically. This was definitely not his house. Nor was it Poland’s or Russia’s or even America’s. It was certainly beautiful, with the kind of luxury that most nations chose not to use in their personal dwellings, but that didn’t seem to matter much at the moment. He couldn’t remember getting here. He didn’t know where ‘here’ even was. And that made it dangerous.

((ooc; Sorry this is so late going up! Poland-mun and I wanted to enter together, and she's been quite busy. But we're officially here at last. ^-^ So yay, people to talk to would be wonderful, just please let both of us get in this log first. *blush*))
Tags: !night 013, *acedia, lithuania/toris lorinaitis (hetalia), poland/feliks lukasiewicz (hetalia)
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