Mew (rose_tint_ed) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

I'm frightened by what I see [active/open]

Characters: Mew, anyone?
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom
Time: Night 013
Summary: Mew needs to stop trying to help people in this house. It only ever ends in bloodshed. Mostly because I can't resist a chance to hurt my muses and she needs activity. Ahem.
Warnings: Melty flesh? Allison's involved. Also an injured little kitty >:

Mew had seen, heard, and sensed newcomers in the house, some pure of heart and others not quite as pure-- but still, it piqued her curiosity, and so she'd gone out into the house to explore, hoping to find some of them. Her curiosity had, once again, overridden her fear of the house; unfortunately for her, that fear was perfectly justified.

She drifted down hallways and dodged horrific monsters and ghosts, protecting herself as best she could with her bubble shield, and she soon spotted a familiar room-- the daffodil bedroom. She'd wandered through there in the past, though only for a moment, but something felt... different about it. Off. Something was wrong. There was a presence there, but it wasn't human.

Cautiously, she poked inside, looking-- it was a girl. She was in a white dress that was stained with crimson-- by the time Mew'd taken in enough of her appearance to realize that she'd made a terrible mistake, the ghost was already on her feet and heading towards her. She tried to teleport out and found too late that she couldn't, and then the ghost's hand grazed her leg and the pain sent her spiraling down for a moment, out of control; she caught herself before touching the floor and nearly instinctively sent out a wave of psychic energy that would've been strong enough to knock out a living creature. But Allison was not living.

Mew shot out of the room like a bullet, searching for a safe place, a familiar person-- at length she fell out of the air, landing in the floor of a dark hallway like a broken toy, her injured leg bleeding freely as the skin and flesh melted away. She shuddered, but didn't want to move anymore, and mewed helplessly from where she lay.

Tags: !night 013, #ghosts, *acedia, akito/agito wanijima (air gear), mew (pokémon)
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