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Emil Castagnier

Faded memories [Open, active]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, open
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom/Attic/back toward the Daffodil Room
Time: Early Night 013
Summary: Emil gets killed. Only when he wakes up he doesn't quite remember, and he's missing everything he could use to defend himself.
Warnings: Character death and TL;DR on the first post as per usual for me sort of fail TL;DR at that, actually. A little language? Possibly more later depending on what happens.

It looked like the monsters were everywhere tonight. Emil had already run into three of them and he'd barely escaped all three times. He could try and fight them, maybe, but he didn't really want to. It didn't look like they could be beaten nearly as easily as the monsters he'd faced before (at least, that's what he thought; it wasn't like he remembered much about what happened when he fought), and it wasn't as if he didn't have enough to worry about. The water was still rising, up to the second floor now, and at this rate within a few weeks (days? The stretched-out days and nights got confusing something) it would probably reach the third floor. Would they really all drown if this continued?

He'd stuck to the strange orbs in the hallways before he figured out that they were attracting monsters, not repelling them. Emil started moving faster after that. Maybe he ought to go up to the attic. The water was getting to be less and less like normal water, and wading through it was not at all fun. But for that, he'd have to get to the other side of the second floor. He ducked into a nearby room, hoping to avoid the things in the hallways and get upstairs fast.

He was halfway across the room by the time he noticed the girl sitting on the bed, hugging a stuffed toy as if her dress weren't in bloody tatters. Emil yelped. What had happened to her?

He took a step forward. "Excuse me?"

The girl looked up and smiled like she'd found a new friend. She stood up, still holding onto the rabbit, and Emil involuntarily took a step back. He wasn't so sure he liked where this was going. The girl came forward and Emil hurriedly backed up and promptly tripped over himself, landing with a crash. The girl kept approaching, reaching out her hand like she wanted to help him up. Emil shook his head as he started to right himself, but she pushed closer and--

"Get the hell away from me!" he snarled, rolling away and springing up. "Who are you?"

Instead of answering the girl just ran toward him; she could have been playing tag, with her hand outstretched like that. Emil unsheathed his sword and swung it at her, not caring how it landed. Something was obviously wrong with this girl, and that probably meant she'd be trying to kill him.

It barely did anything. Damn it, one of those! He had to get out of here already. Hanging around dealing with things like this girl wasn't going to accomplish anything. He'd already wasted enough time in this place. Emil tried attacking her again--he hated having to run for his life like a pathetic dog, afraid of every unfriendly-looking shadow--and cursed. Why wouldn't anything around here just act like normal living things were supposed to?

Emil finished off his assault with a series of strikes that would have usually left an opponent stunned for a moment, though it was hard to judge what that might do to the things around here. He didn't bother checking to see how the girl was, he just ran for the door as fast as he could knowing that some stopped chasing after certain boundaries were crossed.

He was nearly at the door when something rammed into him from the back, something grabbing at his forearm. He screamed--there was a burning sensation at his shoulder, like the whole thing was being eaten away, and he couldn't gather his strength enough to to wrench it away. An arm circled around his other shoulder and the pain doubled, and the whole time he heard giggling in his ear, high-pitched giggling that wouldn't stop--


When Emil opened his eyes, he saw that he was lying on the ground the attic. How had he gotten here? The last thing he remembered was tripping. Had he come here while in Ratatosk Mode? That was the obvious answer, but why would he go to the attic and then disappear? Usually Marta and the others filled him in on what happened while he was in Ratatosk Mode, but--where was Marta, anyway? It was really dangerous around here, and he hadn't seen her for a while. Sometimes he felt it was better that way, but...

There was something else. He had a feeling, like waking up in Altamira after the battle with Richter in the Lezareno headquarters and dreaming of what could be a memory, a memory of murder and--

"Did I die?" he asked himself in a whisper, looking down at himself. He corrected himself. "No, I can't have. If I died, I'd be..."

He could still remember Richter's assault in his dreams. He could have sworn he'd heard a giggle recently, but the girl hadn't giggled when she was chasing him.

There had been burning, something burning on his arms.

Was it a memory, or just a dream?

As he stood up Emil realized his sword was gone, as were his monsters. He looked around frantically--what was he going to do without them if monsters were around? Maybe the monsters could survive by themselves, but without them or a weapon he was just a kid. Sort of. Either way, he wouldn't stand much of a chance.

Had he left it back in the room he'd found the girl in? If he'd gone into Ratatosk Mode, he might have fought and left the sword there. Maybe that was it. But that meant he had to get all the way down to there and not encounter any monsters, not to mention running from that girl. In short, he was probably screwed no matter what.

A closer look around the room told him that the other people around him in the room were disfigured: crooked eyes, twisted lips, some with no mouths or eyes or noses at all.

He ran for it.
Tags: !character death, !night 013, #ghosts, #hellhounds, #monsters, *acedia, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia), sonic the hedgehog (sonic the hedgehog)
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