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[Allo There, Active, Open]

Characters: 6, 9, and anyone at all :D
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night 13
Summary: a very small new arrival
Warnings: confusion? SPOILERS for the movie

This wasn’t he sky at all.

This was a big place. Bigger than the first room. Bigger than most places in the sanctuary. Maybe even bigger than the place where the twins had gone. And it wasn’t falling down. There weren’t any holes in the walls. Nothing was destroyed. There were no bodies of humans long dead. There weren’t even any old machines. He’d never seen a place like this.

The little stitchpunk held his ink bottle close, metal fingers clicking nervously against the thick glass. He didn’t know how he’d gotten it, only that it was here. And he was glad it was here, because he’d missed it. It had been lost in the fire. That’s what he’d thought. Maybe this was where people go after they’re done living. Maybe his ink was a reward. Had he done a good job then? He’d really tried to. He’d tried to make them understand. To make 9 understand. He was supposed to save everyone. Only 9 could do it. But it was so hard to tell him that. His words didn’t seem to work. He didn’t know why. They made sense to him. Why couldn’t other people see?

Ooh, but he didn’t have time to think about all that. He was some place new. And big. And not old and ruined. He hoped that he wasn’t the only one here. He trotted off into the room, putting the big door behind him, tiny wooden feet making an echoing click against the pretty floor. He didn’t know where he was going. He really didn’t think it mattered. Maybe he’d find a window. And he could see if there was anything around that he knew. Maybe he’d see the sky. He’d like that. Maybe he could find others. Like 2. Or 5. Maybe there was paper here. He wanted there to be paper.

Tags: !night 013, *acedia, 6 (9), 9 (9), kei amakura (fatal frame)
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