johanliebert (johanliebert) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

The Last In Line [Active, Open]

Characters: Johan Liebert, Very Open
Setting: Shelter Room
Time: Night 13
Summary: Johan keeps the lantern woman company. He brings a book.
Warnings: Johan. Also short and crappy OP.

Johan sat on the edge of an upper bunk, his legs hanging over the side; he rested a book on his legs, reading by the light of the lantern woman's pole. He had come upon her quite by accident and had greeted her accordingly, expressing appropriate distress and sympathy for her condition, which was quite gory, if not unexpected. He'd appraised her of the current situation with the envelopes in an attempt to cheer her, informing her that efforts had been made and some had in fact been retrieved, earning a smile that he returned warmly. Then, after asking if there was anything he could do for her (her answer came in the form of a headshake, to which he'd nodded understandingly), he'd excused himself briefly, only to return with a pair of books retrieved from the library. They were a matched pair, a sizeable novel and its rather well-acclaimed sequel, and books he'd been meaning to get to--now was the perfect time, or so it seemed he had decided.

He now read politely out of her way, apparently lost in the fictional worlds detailed before him, the room ensconced in companionable silence as the night (not so) quietly crept out ahead of them, the waters slowly rising.
Tags: !night 013, #the lanternkeeper, *acedia, johan liebert (monster), poland/feliks lukasiewicz (hetalia)
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