Amakura Kei (天倉螢 ) (stillsomehope) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Amakura Kei (天倉螢 )

Running with the seconds [active, closed]

Characters: Kei Amakura (stillsomehope), Mafuyu Hinasaki (himurobound)
Setting: In the halls
Time: Night 013
Summary: One thing all the guys of Fatal Frame are known for is running away from the ghosts... And dying at the end of the canon ending, but Acedia isn't quite like the Manor of Sleep or the Himuro Mansion.
Warnings: DEATH DUE TO GENDER- okay no. Pretty safe? obligatory FAIL OP warning goes here

At this point in his life, Kei could say that he would have preferred being spirited away by the priestess than staying here. But he hadn't, and so long as Mio and Miku were here, he had to live. It was the least he could do for Mayu and Mafuyu... Nonetheless, staying fully awake was something that Kei had trouble doing. Kei would drift off in a daydream every so often only waking up at a misstep.

This happened to be one of those times. He'd drifted off in a daydream about priestesses with blank, staring eyes and the sound of hammering... And woke up to realize that there were bandaged coming at him.

Cue a very hastily taken photo (or three) and Kei scrambling out of the room and into the hallway as fast as his legs could take him. He neither cared nor could feel the random furniture he inadvertently ran into, but escape in general seemed much more important than escaping without a scratch.
Tags: !night 013, *acedia, kei amakura (fatal frame), mafuyu hinasaki (fatal frame)
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