Miku Hinasaki (ropefearing) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Miku Hinasaki

Kitchen Therapy [Active/Open]

Characters: Watanuki and Miku
Setting: ...Blue Kitchen!
Time: morning Day 013 (water is like knee height-ish)
Summary: Watanuki lives in the kitchen, obviously. Miku needed food!
Warnings: Perhaps some social awkwardness.

The water was confusing and uncomfortable, if nothing else.

Admittedly, though, it was certainly preferred to the hauntings of the night. Whether she was able to defend herself or not... Miku was far from comfortable with ghosts and hauntings, especially those that came with the night in this house. And it had been a particularly bad night, the previous one...

It was painful for Miku in more than one way.

But the morning hadn't brought the usual, complete reprieve from danger and worry that it normally did. There was no more (or, rather, less of) the near suffocating feeling her sixth sense gave her about the house, and there were no more pained, tragic voices of those that passed on. And there were no more hostile ghosts.

But there was the water - and by this point of the day, it was deep enough to realise it wasn't going to stop rising any time soon...

Miku fored her way quietly and quickly through the water. It was just past the tops of her boots, now, which made it even more uncomfortable. But at this point she did not have a lot of choice in the matter of what to do, or leeway on anything... if the water continued to rise like this, she was going to need food. And a fair bit of it... she never ate a lot, luckily, but all the same she would have to find something.

Because of that, she had made her way to the kitchen, through the water. After a while of uncomfortable wading, she got to the entrance of the kitchen. From there she hesitated a moment, peeking in quietly, her camera and flash light held in a more relaxed manner than normal (but she, of course, did not part with them). She paused when she saw someone in there, though. That was...

Tags: !day 013, *acedia, kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou), kimihiro watanuki (xxxholic), miku hinasaki (fatal frame)
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