Cloud Strife (xx_totaleclipse) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Cloud Strife

From a dream to a nightmare [Active/Open]

Characters: Riku, Naminé & open
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night 13, a little while before midnight
Summary: Riku wakes up slightly damp, weirded out by the floating orbs, and thoroughly pissed off.
Warnings: Prooooobably some swearing from Riku's side, other than that and floating orbs, nothin' much ♥ OH AND ALSO LONG POSTS ARE LONG >>;

Riku had gotten used to traveling through strange doors in the last few years, even to the point where feeling like he was falling and then passing out a bit didn't really strike him as abnormal. He merely closed his eyes and let sleep wash over him, expecting somewhere deep in the back of his mind, that he would be woken up as he crashed headfirst into the cool ocean of Destiny Islands. Home. It was the one thing he had allowed himself to look forward to lately. Even with all the trust he had in Sora, he hadn't even been looking forward to finishing the last fight. After all, his slowly mending cracked ribs had been somewhat of a testament to that feeling. Still, after an exhausted Cure and chugging a Hi-Potion he had been feeling better, good enough to make his way to the door.

But now as he slowly crawled his way back to wakefulness, he couldn't help but frown, feeling a damp cushion under his body, his hand and leg falling off whatever he was laying on to seemingly float in something... something that did not feel like the ocean.

The teen's eyes snapped open as he quickly rolled to his side, ripping his limbs out of the syrup-y water to kneel on what he could now identify as a couch that was slowly soaking up the moisture that covered the floor. His sea foam green eyes darted around the small space, taking in the multitude of open doors lining the walls, the couches and tables crammed in the small spaces between them, and dirty mirrors hanging off of the walls. (He wasn't even going to start in on the color theme of the place.) He instantly placed himself inside a house, one with obvious plumbing issues and in desperate need of redecorating. Small glowing orbs were floating down the hallways, and he could hear screams echoing from all corners of the house. He swore he saw some flicker of movement nearby, and out of habit and instinct a weapon slowly formed in his hand, wisps of smoke trailing into nothing as the familiar weight of Way to the Dawn settled in his grasp.

He stood up, staring at the ceiling inches from his head and frowning. It would be hard to move without walking through the water, but some fighter's instinct was telling him that would be a bad idea. So, he crouched and pushed forward, landing catlike on a table that was slightly higher up than the couch he had woken up on. There he crouched, weapon clutched loosely and warily, eyes darting around for any sign of danger or for any sign of another human being, anger quickly rising inside his chest.

This wasn't Destiny Islands, this wasn't home, and he was looking to beat the crap out of whoever had dragged him here.
Tags: !night 013, *acedia, naminé (kingdom hearts), riku (kingdom hearts)
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