Emil Castagnier (chaos_squirrel) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Emil Castagnier

Not in Kansas [Active/Open]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, Eva, OPEN
Setting: Ira, first floor, the study
Time: Day 014
Summary: Emil explores the new house.
Warnings: Ira is creepy!

Emil didn't really want to explore around the new house very much. Once he'd found the dining room...he was glad he hadn't eaten lately, otherwise it all would have ended up on the ground. He'd lost his appetite for a while after, too--he'd even felt a little sick passing by the kitchen immediately afterward.

He'd gone back to the other side of the bridge after that, scary as it was to cross (and scary as the room waiting on the other side was--what were those things?). Even his monsters hadn't seemed to like it much--Mattias didn't seem as affected as Ixia (did it have anything to do with being a ghost type himself?), but neither showed much objection to Emil sheperding them out of the room once he'd gotten over the shock of what they'd found.

At least he was alive, though. After having to face hellhounds with no weapon handy, Emil had quickly developed a new appreciation of life while he still had it, and a renewed desire to find a way out. It had been months since he'd last seen home (what was going on? How were things without him?), but he couldn't give up.

It was going through the rooms again that Emil ducked into one near the entrance to the new house. It looked more like home than some of the other parts of the houses around here, with books and a fancy desk to go with them. He didn't recognize the writing in the books; there was a globe, too, and when he examined it more closely Emil saw that it didn't look like the geography of the world he knew, or the rough approximation he'd constructed while traveling--sometimes real maps were unreliable when the current geography had only been in place for two years.

"So this really is a different place," he murmured to himself as he spun the globe. "How am I going to get back home?"
Tags: !day 014, *ira, emil castagnier (tales of symphonia), eva lillian (twilight hours)
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