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10 August 2008 @ 12:03 am
Characters: Larxene, Zero, Rikku
Setting: Entrance
Time: Day One, morning
Summary: Larxene arrives in the Dollsyhouse.
Warnings: none

Larxene arrived with more of a bang than anything.Collapse )
10 August 2008 @ 01:34 am
Characters: Jonouchi Katsuya, Honey Kisaragi, Kiryuu Zero
Setting: Entrance
Time: Day One, late(r?) morning
Summary: Jonouchi (and others?) arrive to a complete lack of card games.
Warnings: None yet

My turn! Dra-aaah!Collapse )
10 August 2008 @ 09:00 pm

Namine, open
Setting:  East Hallway
Time: Day one, morning
Summary: Namine has a (cautious) look around
Warnings: None