August 24th, 2008

Excuse me while I fall apart [Active/Private]

Characters: Zero Kiryuu, Kallen, Chopper, Zero, Rayne, Hellhounds
Setting: Crystal Dining Room
Time: middle to late Night 001
Summary: Zero, taken over by his blood lust, ends up attacking Kallen. The rescue might just prove more complicated as expected as the Hellhounds howl.
Warnings: blood, monsters, vampire, gore, violence

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Midnight Snackin' [Complete]

Characters: Courtney Crumrin, Red XIII, Fiona Belli, and maybe more!
Setting: Blue Kitchen
Time: Night (some time before the first kitchen thread to avoid confusion!)
Summary: Courtney leads her ragtag group of eloquent feline and wibbly girl towards adventures in fridge raiding!
Warnings: Contains Red. He has fangs, y'know.

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