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05 September 2008 @ 06:01 am
Characters: Zetsu, Mio Amakura, closed
Setting: Doll Bathroom
Time: Day 002, Afternoon, a while after the Zetsu/Machi/Simon Greenhouse thread.
Summary: Zetsu decides to clean up, but has no idea he's about to be interrupted. After an awkward start, he and Mio start talking.
Warnings: Contains Zetsu. Also fanservice eyecandy plant fetish naked Zetsu nudity. Also character harassment mild trauma. Also, OHSHIT THIS THREAD CONTAINS PLOT.

Censo--I mean, cut for nudity. =PCollapse )
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Mio Amakura
05 September 2008 @ 11:27 am
Characters: Mio Amakura, Edward Elric
Setting: Maid's Hallway, possibly moving to the Greenhouse?
Time: Day 002, Morning (Some time after Mio/Koizumi Fairy Bedroom)
Summary: Mio and Ed talk~
Warnings: None.

You might have been better off being bound than being free to feel pain. So scary!Collapse )
05 September 2008 @ 05:53 pm
Characters: Anita Blake, Machi Tobaye, Rorschach
Setting: Corner Bedroom.
Time: Day 002
Summary: Anita wakes up to see Rorschach watching over her. The two share theories about the previous night's attack.
Warnings: Rorschach staring creepily.

Wherever she was, she was comfortable.Collapse )
05 September 2008 @ 10:48 pm
Characters: Rayne, Namine
Setting: Greenhouse
Time: Day 002
Summary: Rayne wanders into the greenhouse, to test out an experiment that hopefully won't go wrong, and finds Namine looking for inspiration.
Warnings: Rayne exists. Namine is cute.

We're all xxx here.Collapse )
Characters: Jonouchi Katsuya, etc.
Setting: Copper Bathroom
Time: Day 002, shortly after UNF UNF
Summary: Jono reflects and gets cleaned up, others invade?
Warnings: Duelist fanservice!

Still... what the hell had really happened?Collapse )