October 18th, 2008

Even if we are fanservice characters ...bondage do NOT want! [Active/Open]

Characters: Zero, Kallen, open
Setting: Blue Kitchen, beyond to wherever the collars may lead
Time: Day 003, late afternoon/dusk after the Graveyard Shift Thread
Summary: They had just wanted to stock up on food, maybe get in a little nap before night falls. What neither Kallen nor Zero expected was to wake with collars around their throat.
Warnings: Wall of text none so far

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The old friends meet! And Alfons is an idiot. [Active/Open]

Characters: Alfons Heiderich, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, and others, maybe?
Setting: Maid's Quarters.
Time: Day 003, late afternoon/dusk--a bit of a while after the last thread he was in :D
Summary: Alfons was wandering around the house, trying to find a way to figure out what was going on--only to get his stupid self stuck in the Maid's Quarters. And an old friend hears his pathetic cries.
Warnings: None. None at all.

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