October 22nd, 2008


Won't you be my neighbor? (Active/CLOSED)

Characters: Jonouchi, Mio, Zetsu, Edward, Alphonse, Alfons, Mewtwo, Simon, Nataku, Chopper, Red XIII, Shinji, Sasori
Setting: Maids' Hallway
Time: Very early Night 003, dusk
Summary: This motley crew discovers that they are locked out of any and all rooms. Hilarity Panic Something ensues.
Warnings: Holy shit, this thread is crowded. Possible foul tempers ahoy!

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((OOC: OKAY GUYS. This is how it works. Everybody is going to reply ONLY TO THIS POST to begin with, UNLESS your character is responding specifically to another character, rather than to events in general. Once we've all gotten in maybe 1-2 rounds that way, our characters will probably start breaking off into separate little conversations of their own with each other. When that happens, please reply ONLY TO THOSE OTHER CHARACTERS. This will cause individual, miniature threads within this single thread to collapse, allowing for semi-separate conversations with THEIR OWN POSTING ORDER involving only the characters in that conversation. This should help the thread move more quickly. However, because they're all in a cramped space together, none of this is exactly private, right? Therefore people can and probably will overhear each other. If a character feels the need to chime in on anyone else's conversation, please do so IN THAT CONVERSATION'S THREAD. That way, you'll be incorporated into their posting order for only as long as your character is participating in that conversation, if they don't physically go over there and abandon their old one, in which case you would be exiting the previous conversation you were in.

I know that's insanely complicated, but it's the best chance we've got of actually finishing this sucker. Sorry for the bolding and caps, but I wanted to highlight the important points of that tl;dr wall o' text. Go ahead and fire off any questions to me if you have them!))