January 8th, 2009


Resistance is futile [Complete]

Characters: Zetsu, Leo and the phantasms. This post may or may not open up later, depending on how things go.
Setting: In the basement tunnels at lab door three.
Time: Midnight on Night 005, after Leo leaves Saya
Summary: Upon catching a glimpse of the phantasms, Leo follows them through the tunnels and finds himself near the labs. He sees a certain plant-man being dragged in and tries to do something about it.
Warnings: Violence. Oh yes, there will be violence. 8|

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Yeah I'll just be going now

The Duty of a Knight [Complete]

Characters: Leo
Setting: Basement tunnels, lab door 003.
Time: Night 005, shortly after the events of this thread.
Summary: Upon regaining consciousness, Leo discovers the little girl's hand beneath the door and tries to rescue the source. It... doesn't go well.
Warnings: Character death. Also, it's depressing. D8

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