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09 January 2009 @ 04:53 am
Characters: Saya, hellhounds
Setting: Tunnels
Time: Night 005, not too long after this thread.
Summary: Saya sees Leo's corpse getting dragged.
Warnings: A corpse? And a brainbroken loli.

Where is the shout of thoughts that don't become tears born from?Collapse )
Machi Tobaye
09 January 2009 @ 04:05 pm
Characters: Anna Marshall, Machi Tobaye
Setting: Grand Room, basically
Time: Day 003, after Machi and Koizumi are done
Summary: Anna is a busy bee, Machi tries to help her
Warnings: Backlog like whoa, possible definite early sap and later Machi being a stupid idiot.

This Isn't Really a Memory, Is ItCollapse )
Mio Amakura
Characters: Mio Amakura, Dean Winchester
Setting: Perfume Bedroom
Time: Night 005, about a week and a half in
Summary: Mio is depressed! Dean tries to cheer her up?
Warnings: fatherguardian!angst, EPIC TL;DR. srsly I'm not kidding.

Who...? Is the light that briefly spilled on my cheeks.Collapse )
09 January 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Characters: Naminé, Roxas
Setting: Dining Room
Time: Night 005, just after sunset, a little after this thread.
Summary: Roxas and Naminé meet. Aw's a-plenty and much handsmacking ensues.
Warnings: Cute? ;~;
Old friends are golden...Collapse )
Zelos Wilder
09 January 2009 @ 09:13 pm
Characters: Zelos and whoever wants to bug him.
Setting: Entrance, Entrance Room.
Time: Night 005; a few "hours" past midnight.
Summary: Zelos suddenly joins the house. Craziness insues.
Warnings: Zelos is a pervert. And doesn't like this place much. And uh, some spoliers for Zelos' canon I guess. :'|b

I don't think this is exactly what Zelos had in mind for a quick break from life.Collapse )