January 13th, 2009

Make It All Go Away [Active/Open]

 Characters: Edward Elric, maybe other experimentees/rescuers?
Setting: Basement tunnels, working his way toward the surface
Time: Day 006
Summary: Ed struggles to get as far away from the labs as possible, but his body is still being affected by his experimentation. He'll most likely need help...
Warnings: Ed's mouth, possibly graphic descriptions of experiments

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❝ butterfly diary ❞

If I can make my way to the other side of sorrow... [Complete]

Characters: Mio Amakura, Makoto Itou, Zetsu
Setting: Fairy Bedroom
Time: Day 006, half a (RL) day after experimentees are released
Summary: Zetsu comes back from experimentation to find his loli's fallen into a rather sorry state.
Warnings: angst, possible heart exploding cuteness, Zetsu is an overprotective daddy.

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