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Anna Marshall
Characters: Anna Marshall, Lorenzo Belli
Setting: Cricket Bedroom => Corner Bedroom
Time: Night 005, late-ish
Summary: Lorenzo's had a craptastic time of it lately, blames it on the poor innocent crickets, and kidnaps Anna to take her to his own bedroom. (Ooh-la-la~ :o) They talk as best as a grumpy old alchemist and a mute singer can manage.
Warnings: Noisy crickets and pissy alchemists. >|

God must hate me, cursed me for eternity....Collapse )
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21 January 2009 @ 08:11 pm
Characters: Sasori, Saya
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Day 006
Summary: Sasori, having put himself in a back-up body, is trying to force his chakra system to work properly. He runs into Saya.
Warnings: foul-tempered puppet

I'm your source of self-destructionCollapse )