January 23rd, 2009

Soprano Sorceress

EZ-Bake Dollsy (Active/OPEN)

Characters: Anna Marshall, Saya, Mewtwo, Naminé, Roxas, whoever the hell wants to be! No permission necessary~!
Setting: Blue Kitchen
Time: Day 006, evening, not long before Koizumi's meeting.
Summary: Anna decides to make some refreshments for the meeting coming up, and soon finds herself giving baking lessons to quite the motley crew....
Warnings: Mommying, cluelessness, awkwardness, adorableness, cuteness and general fluff..... Definitely a sunshine thread. :o No angst or gore here!

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Life kills rebels, death gets the rest (Active/Open)

Characters: Koizumi Itsuki, anyone who wants to run into him
Time: Late Night 005, Day 006
Summary: Koizumi explores the new house and makes his meeting publicly known. Everywhere. First post describes what he's doing when/where, if you want your character to bop in just start a new comment thread for that place and time. There are now notes about the meeting slid under random bedroom doors, posted in all bathrooms and kitchens, on the basement door, the greenhouse door, the morgue and surgery room cabinets, the ballroom's oak doors, the vending machine in the dining hall, the hall between the sitting room and ballroom, and the observatory window. The note in the public bathroom has a PS with a vague warning about the mirror.
Warnings: Pretty damn tl;dr. Sorry.

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