February 8th, 2009

A Red Dawn [Complete]

Characters: Itachi, Sasori, Kairi, Zetsu
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Late Night 006, close to dawn.
Summary: Itachi's introduction. Sasori, Kairi, and Zetsu show up, some intimidation happens, Sasori leaves, Itachi leaves for another log, and Zetsu and Kairi remain.
Warnings: none so far, may be edited in

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everytime I pin down what I think I want it slips away [active/open]

Characters: Shia
Setting: The bathroom
Time: Night 006
Summary: Mun remembers that she also plays Shia Shia wanders the house and discovers something she didn't know she'd left behind. Others are welcome to come and try to deal with her, but she's really hungry right now...
Warnings: Angst, an experiment victim. Possible vampiric-ish violence.

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Keynote Lighting

The Burial Of The Dead [Active, Mostly Closed--Ask Before Joining]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Naminé, possibly Rayne
Setting: Second Floor, Main Hallway--Daffodil Bedroom.
Time: Afternoon, Day 007
Summary: Machi seizes Naminé. She doesn't really deserve it. This will either segue into Rayne's involvement or stay a separate thread, unknown at this time.
Warnings: Violence, Liar Machi at his worst best most creepy.

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