March 15th, 2009

We Were Infinite for a Moment [Complete]

Characters: Itachi, Kairi
Setting: Maid's Hallway
Time: Late Night 007/Early Morning 008, depending on how you like to look at it.  About 1:30ish.   For Itachi, this takes place a while after this log.
Summary: Itachi runs into a slew of monsters and Kairi.  Bonus points if you can guess who scares him more.  ETA (as of 4/2): They are now hanging out in the Empty Bedroom, exchanging information.  Itachi is trying not to vomit blood on everything, and Kairi is trying not to pee herself because he is very scary. (5/5) Added complete tag; they are on their way to the Projector Room for another log.
Warnings: violence, angst, angels of death, et cetera...

Collapse )