May 6th, 2009

Lost in the tunnels [Active/Open]

Characters: Usopp, anyone who wants to participate in JAILBREAK-O-RAMA!
Setting: Basement, caverns, MAYBE the Red Tunnels and the panopticon
Time: Day 009, sometime after the panopticon hallucinations
Summary: Usopp wanders around in the tunnels, may or may not encounter the panopticon, may or may not join with other people.
Warnings: Trying to head to the panopticon in a reasonable course of action. If not then (anyone who joins me and) I will just wander around, I guess.

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i miss the kiss you never gave away

Seems farther than ever before [Complete]

Characters: Kairi, Patchouli Knowledge.
Setting: Small Library.
Time: Day 009, around afternoon.
Summary: Kairi tries to read classic English literature and meets Patchouli. Apparently she's far too nice for her, because Patchouli begins to cry by her graciousness, and Kairi tries to comfort her but trips and lands ontop of her instead. And accidentally kisses her. Awkward~ Later though, they become friends.
Warnings: Completely accidental girl/girl kissing and awkward positions.

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