May 11th, 2009

srry gotta go now

One is the Lonliest Number [Active, Open]

Characters: Yosuke Hanamura, Seta Souji, Naoto Shirogane, anyone!
Setting: Maids Quarters, greenhouse, beyond?
Time: Night 009, not quite so early?
Summary: Trying not to panic, Yosuke sets out to find others. Awesomeness and terrible things ensue.
Warnings: TBA

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So Long, and Good Night [Active/Semi-Closed]

Characters: Itachi, Sasuke, House, Kairi, Madara
Setting: Dark Bedroom, several halls
Time: Early Night 009
Summary: Itachi takes a turn for the worse.  D:  Sasuke is understandably distraught.  Sasuke runs to get a doctor and finds one Gregory House, M.D. (and Ph.D. in snark).  Then they are attacked by hellhounds.  Madara poofs in just to show off what a sexy destroyer he can be when he's not running around singing like a lunatic--oh, wait, that's Tobi. AND THEN THE HELLHOUDS ASPLODED.
Warnings: BLOODZ, gross dying of sickness, probably definitely some violence against monsters in the hall threads.

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