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Hikaru Hitachiin
Characters: Hikaru Hitachiin, fake!Kaoru Hitachiin.
Setting: The Panopticon.
Time: Mid-Day 009. Late post is late.
Summary: Hikaru kills his 'brother.' Much sadness ensues.
Warnings: Death, gore, cursing, general sadness of dying.

What do you do when your life's a disaster, and you're moving faster, and it's getting harder to breathe.Collapse )
Current Music: For My Brother - Blue October
Characters: Kairi, Axel, anyone else?
Setting: East Gallery, Stairs to Nothing.
Time: Late Night 009.
Summary: Kairi sees the ceiling -- or rather, Destiny Islands. And she meets an old 'friend.'
Warnings: Angst and a lengthy OP. Oops. D:

Is this the place we used to love; is this the place that I've been dreaming of?Collapse )