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10 June 2009 @ 05:20 pm
Characters: Zetsu, Marta
Setting: Sitting Room
Time: Day 010, sometime after their first meeting
Summary: Marta finds the plantman eating dead people. AGAIN. GDIT, Zetsu, don't you know that's the wrong way to greet a ~*~lady~*~?
Warnings: LOLcannibalism? And arguing. And tsundereness. And lolis. :|bb

The sitting room in this house had become a handy stock of ready food for Zetsu.Collapse )
Miku Hinasaki
Characters: America and Miku, anyone else!
Setting: Red Dining Hall
Time: Day 010
Summary: America and Miku meet~
Warnings: Fail OP.

And see what we have done~Collapse )