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15 July 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Characters: Machi Tobaye, Koizumi Itsuki, anyone else with an intense urge to time travel to a few weeks ago
Setting: Grand room
Time: Day 10
Summary: Machi and Koizumi, pianos and books, and probably a good dose of awkward.
Warnings: Backlogged enough to kill a man. B|

Only traps of our own actionsCollapse )
Machi Tobaye
Characters: Machi Tobaye, Alphonse Elric
Setting: Pool!
Time: Day 10, Early Afternoon
Summary: Machi and Al meet again while Machi is looking for Anna. Epic awkward.
Warnings: Tiny OP of suck.

It's Not Like You Didn't Know ThatCollapse )