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18 July 2009 @ 12:27 am
Characters: Break, phantasms
Setting: ???
Time: Night 010
Summary: Break's experiment
Warnings: Standard sort of experiment fare.

I can't seem to find the right lie.Collapse )
18 July 2009 @ 12:40 am
Characters: Patchouli, Sekai
Setting: The same library that Patchouli always finds herself in.
Time: Day 011
Summary: Sekai enters the library... and runs into, naturally, its primary resident.
Warnings: Probably a bit of girl-on-girl awkward or explosions occurring.

Won't somebody come and light my fuse?Collapse )
Mio Amakura
18 July 2009 @ 07:36 am
Characters: Mio Amakura, Patchouli Knowledge
Setting: Small Library
Time: Day 011, later in the day
Summary: Mio meets Patchouli~
Warnings: FailOP. Other than that, none?

reading how we'll die alone and if we're good we'll lay to rest anywhere we want to go.Collapse )
Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden
Characters: Shinku, Suigintou (Others may watch, but I highly doubt the two of them will even care about anyone else.)
Setting: Mirror Bedroom
Time: Day 011
Summary: Shinku revisits her sister. This time, things will be different.
Warnings: Doll-on-doll violence.

Olly olly oxen free~Collapse )
Characters: Kairi, Patchouli.
Setting: Small Library.
Time: Afternoon, Day 11.
Summary: Kairi meets Patchouli in the library again, but this time, it's after Patchouli's personality-altering experiment.
Warnings: Not sure yet. Knowing these two, though, probably some girl/girl stuff.

Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room.Collapse )
Characters: Kairi, Machi.
Setting: West Parlor.
Time: Noon, Day 11.
Summary: Kairi encounters Machi for the third time. As always, some awkwardness ensues.
Warnings: Not sure yet, if any at all.

And where's hope when misery comes crawling?Collapse )