August 10th, 2009

But A Fleeting Melody

And I Would Do Anything For You [Open, Active]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Usopp, Allison, maybe Mio?
Setting: Grand Room to Lavendar Bedroom
Time: Right after the departure of the Lantern Woman.
Summary: Machi needs a friend and Usopp halps. Then Machi does something ridiculously stupid and Mio halps.
Warnings: Machi is an idiot, fail OP until Raile is less fried and can fix it.

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Maybe if you just understood, [Incomplete]

Characters: Alphonse, Red XIII and Burnyman B|
Setting: Starting in the Grand Room, moving Crystal Dining Room and then the Blue Kitchen
Time: Night 012, just after The Lanternkeeper is taken
Summary: Alphonse and Red XIII go to the kitchen after the question period - Burnyman appears?!
Warnings: Impending horrible danger um

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This happened once before, [Incomplete]

Characters: Alphonse, Lorenzo, Lonely Boy
Setting: Starting in the Corner Bedroom, moving into the Crooked Bedroom
Time: Night 012, early on (before the questions stuff)
Summary: Alphonse very nearly gets himself in trouble, Lorenzo comes to help
Warnings: Screaming.

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Power Swirl/Dismissal of All

For I Must Die For What I've Done [Very Very Open, Active]

Characters: Mewtwo, Zetta, Agkito, Story, House, Liquid, Riccardo, Misty, more.
Time: Night 012... he dies very early, the rampage is actually around the time everyone is trying for envelopes.
Summary: Mewtwo has died and revives in the attic. He proceeds to go on a psychotic rampage.
Warnings: Character death. Lots of it. Also violence. Lots of it. Also formatting abuse. Lots of it. Mewtwo: He's so angry.

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i miss the kiss you never gave away

You will surely shatter. [Active/Open]

Characters: Kairi, chaos, anyone else.
Setting: East Hallway, 2nd Floor, and moving around.
Time: Night 012, after the Laternkeeper leaves.
Summary: Kairi decides to find somewhere relatively safe. This hallway kind of isn't.
Warnings: Bruises, blood, and broken bones probable. Afterwords? Who knows. :|

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