September 23rd, 2009

I'm frightened by what I see [active/open]

Characters: Mew, anyone?
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom
Time: Night 013
Summary: Mew needs to stop trying to help people in this house. It only ever ends in bloodshed. Mostly because I can't resist a chance to hurt my muses and she needs activity. Ahem.
Warnings: Melty flesh? Allison's involved. Also an injured little kitty >:

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Emil - hurt

Faded memories [Open, active]

Characters: Emil Castagnier, open
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom/Attic/back toward the Daffodil Room
Time: Early Night 013
Summary: Emil gets killed. Only when he wakes up he doesn't quite remember, and he's missing everything he could use to defend himself.
Warnings: Character death and TL;DR on the first post as per usual for me sort of fail TL;DR at that, actually. A little language? Possibly more later depending on what happens.

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