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Naoto Shirogane
12 October 2009 @ 12:13 am
Characters: Naoto Shirogane and Yosuke Hanamura
Setting: The attic or something. It's the new room. : D
Time: Night 013
Summary: Naoto and Yosuke fun and horrible memory tiemz.
Warnings: Obsessive Naoto being obsessive. Um...well, it's Naoto hurting herself by trying to rip out her eyes. She's not going to be successful, but she's going to get pretty close. So uh...don't read if it squicks you. Also Yosuke RAEG and possible cursing. Actually, cursing. I can say with some confidence that there will be cursing.

Catch me I'm falling.Collapse )
Kimihiro Watanuki
Characters: Watanuki and Break
Setting: Blue Kitchen (Does Watanuki thread ANYWHERE else?)
Time: Day 12, early morning.
Summary: Break discovers one of Watanuki's other skills. And then questions were answered
Up at the crack of dawnCollapse )
Characters: Kento, anyone
Setting: Rose Hallway
Time: Night 13, when the water is maybe 7 inches high
Summary: Kento trips on a sidewalk and finds himself in the house
Warnings: None yet

Insert witty text hereCollapse )