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Eva Lillian
Characters: Eva Lillian, OPEN to whoever wants in
Setting: Projector Room / Observation Room
Time: Later on in Night 14
Summary: Eva has wandered off again. This time, it looks like she might have defied even the House's laws of physics to do so.
Warnings: Creepy loli is creepy?

The slaughter of the innocent; the house is burning that lights the sky. My nightmare has begun to unfold....Collapse )

((OOC: This is pretty much a scene-setting/plot-type post; unless you guys ask me for a time-skip in here, then I probably won't be further involved in the thread. The door won't open, for anyone who feels like making an effort at it, and for anyone who wants to watch, Eva's just going to stay like that, like she's just frozen in glass or something. You won't be able to get her attention while she's in there.))
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