December 17th, 2009

Serious Ace

Hush Now (Active/Closed)

Characters: Machi, Ace, Yukimi, Lilia
Setting: Mother's Study
Time: Night 14
Summary: Ace has a message to give to Lilia. He hopes to get one to take back to March. Machi and Yukimi come along for the curious. Ace Keeps his promises.
Warnings: Lilia. Ace and Yukimi in a thread together comes with it's own special warning.

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Bored/Unimpressed With You/Yellow

Please Put Down Your Hands [Active, Closed AGAIN]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Hellhounds
Setting: Moving around, but mostly Acedia (Outside Copper Bathroom)
Time: Night 14, Late
Summary: Machi tries to go to the bathroom and instead makes some new... friends?
Warnings: Angst, pain, Raile abusing the hell out of some new icons LIKE THE BLINDING YELLOW ONE HERE I'M SO SORRY. And Machi can still smell your blood.

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