Alphonse Elric (flowing_alchemy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Alphonse Elric

A new arrival~ [Complete]

Characters: Alphonse Elric and Jr. - closed because they wandered into another thread~
Setting: The entrance room, to the grand room...then maybe to the blue kitchen
Time: Day 002, midday
Summary: Alphonse arrives, decides to explore - and maybe get some food.
Warnings: Al is cute? |D;

...Alphonse fell forward, expecting to meet with hard dirt and soft grass, but was surprised to feel, instead, a hardwood floor. He let out a soft groan, and looked up, around the entrance of this house he suddenly found himself in.

This didn't really make much sense to him. He had been a while away from any sort of town, and now he was in someone's home? Had he lost consciousness, or something...?

But that wouldn't explain being suddenly on the floor of the entranceway, would it?

Alphonse pulled himself up slowly, looking around at his surroundings. There was no sign of anyone, at all, at the time...

His eyes landed on the door, and he gave it a once over, before walking up to it, and trying to open it.

It didn't budge.

"Locked…?" he blinked as he mumbled the word, and tugged on it again. Still nothing...but it wasn't a big deal, right? He could just go find the owners of the house, and ask them to figure out what was going on, and where he was.

...and maybe ask for some food, too, if it wasn’t any trouble at all – or at least directions to a nice inn for food and bed for the night. That certainly sounded nice.

He turned around, ponytail swirling with him, slightly, to face the inside of the house again, instead of the locked – sealed – door.

If he could find either people or food, he'd be happy.
Tags: !complete, !day 002, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), rubedo/gaignun jr. (xenosaga)
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