Anita Blake (dead_mans_queen) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Anita Blake

Investigations [Active/Closed]

Characters: Anita Blake, Koizumi Itsuki, Mio Amakura, Rayne, Rorschach, Zetsu
Setting: various rooms in the Maid's Hallway
Time: Day 002, midday
Summary: Our three heroes frolic to and fro find them some letters!
Warnings: Getting there...

Though she still wasn't feeling her best, Anita couldn't just sit around any longer. She could feel that midday had already arrived and that night was slowly advancing. Even though her necromancy didn't care about the passage of time, the slow-moving day still threw the animator. She kept expecting to feel a stronger sense of the dead every twelve hours and would be baffled when it never came.

If the next night was anything like the first, Anita figured she probably wouldn't survive. The only way she could is if she got answers fast. So, she and Rorschach headed about the house, looking for anything unusual (though avoiding rooms already occupied).

And even if she did die, at least Rorschach might learn something useful.

The most perplexing thing about the house was how normal it was. Well, not truly normal; it had a fair share of weird odds and ends (the bedroom they were in previously, for example.) That, and the fact that the house didn't have a central decorating theme. But by just scanning the house, the pair couldn't immediately place anything out of the ordinary.

Then it hit Anita - was it just her, or had a few new rooms sprung up overnight? The brunette couldn't say for sure, as last night's adrenaline rush had pretty much wiped anything in her recent memory. Plus, she had no idea if she had really seen the entire house the day before. It was quite possible she had missed something.

After sneaking through the Greenhouse, the two arrived at a small corridor. It almost felt like being in a different house altogether; the extravagance of the previous rooms felt almost alien compared to this stark interior. Anita gave the area a glance, then turned to her masked companion.

"So? Which one first?"
Tags: !day 002, !incomplete, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), mio amakura (fatal frame), rayne (bloodrayne), rorschach (watchmen), zetsu (naruto)
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