Nina Tucker (imtoocutetodie) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Nina Tucker

Innocence is a trait rarely rewarded (Active/Closed)

Characters: Nina and Johan
Setting: The Kitchen
Time: Night 14
Summary: Nina Meets a real monster.
Warnings: I think Johan counts.

Nina rubbed at her eyes¸ sleepy still. Mr. Chaos was sleeping, he’d looked really tired, so Nina hadn’t woke him up. But Nina was hungry and she couldn’t work the food things that Mr. Chaos liked. It was still dark, but Nina had gotten over her fear of the dark within the first few nights of the darkness. The dark might hide things, but Nina didn’t pause to look at anything, instead keeping a steady pace down to the kitchen.

She thought she might have heard the sound of paws, but when she’d turned around, there hadn’t been anything there.

Maybe the puppies had come back. She’d like to see them again. She hoped the bad doctors hadn’t hurt them for playing with her. She didn’t like that the bad doctors hurt the puppies at all.

Nina tightened her arm on Mr. Bear, hand resting against the door to the kitchen and giving it a push, walking into the kitchen without looking to find anything. She’d find an apple or something and then go back to bed maybe.

The entire time, the mug materia gleamed faintly is the near complete darkness.
Tags: !night 014, *acedia, johan liebert (monster), nina tucker (fullmetal alchemist)
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